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Taskforce Denver Homeless Block Party

I had the privilege of taking pictures at the Taskforce Denver Homeless Back to School Block Party for individuals and families experiencing homelessness or near homelessness. The services that were provided included free veterinary care, haircuts, medical clinic, laundry services, community resources, school supplies, food, SNAP, employment services, and more. 

Human dignity is so easily taken away from us. So many of us, at one point or another struggle. As an affluent community, there is a social and moral responsibility to assist those in our community that are struggling. Small gestures of kindness and caring go a long way in momentary restoration of our human dignity. I found the experiences of the day to be profound, moving, and at moments emotionally overwhelming.

Broomfield has no homeless program. None. We use the resources of Boulder and Denver when people who are experiencing homelessness need shelter or temporary housing. We can change that.