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Broomfield Crescent Grange Fall Harvest Festival 2019

Broomfield’s Crescent Grange had a wonderful Open House and fundraiser for the ADA bathroom and ramp. There was Live Music, Food and Refreshments, a Raffle, and a Silent Auction featuring Denver Center for the Performing Arts, the Butterfly Pavilion, the Arvada Center, Rocky Mountain Ski and Wake, Peggy Dyer Photography, the Studio (haircut), Iwa Dojo, the Sanctuary Spa and Salon, CO Dog Academy, Jack Bilariusz Photography, and History Colorado.

Meeting AOC & Nancy Pelosi

It’s been a very interesting time for me since I declared my Candidacy in December 2018, long before anyone else even considered entering the race. I’ve been attending various city committee meetings since January 2019, to learn how the current power structures are organized and operate. I’ve knocked on thousands of doors, talked with hundreds of residents, made connections up and down the Front Range. Speaking with Coloradans, Municipalities, Businesses, and Elected Officials that are already implementing the solutions I’ve been talking about during the campaign. I’ve been participating with various local advocacy and education groups including Mom’s Demand Action, Out Boulder County, Sustainable Broomfield, and the Crescent Grange, to name a few. I’m even seen in the background of several press conferences, bill signings, events, and even protests. Sometimes, to stand for Health and Safety, means getting out and protesting. 

Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera

Two of the most unexpected experiences, was meeting two of the most influential women in politics on the National Stage – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. I was the key photographer for the Truman Dinner where AOC was the Keynote Speaker. And Nancy Pelosi’s addressed Health Care at the Interlocken speaking event, where I was wearing my candidacy name tag, and she graciously leaned in and said “Congratulations, thank you for running, and Good Luck!”. The added bonus at the Pelosi event was catching up with the now Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera. I personally canvassed with the Lt. Governor during her last campaign for the Colorado House of Representatives. 

Thank you for this amazing journey. There are still four weeks left before Election Night. If I haven’t already knocked on your door, I will. If you have any questions about issues, where I stand, the solutions I’m proposing, and what research I’m doing, feel free to reach out. 


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Methane Leak in Anthem

A special meeting was held on Monday September 30th at the City Council Chambers to discuss a methane leak the City and County of Broomfield discovered during routine soil and gas testing in Anthem Highlands. Those present included the City and County of Broomfield staff, representatives from COGCC, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, and North Metro Fire Department. The source of the leak has still not been identified, and no wells will be shut down in the interim. 

This was the first time we’ve gotten to see Broomfield’s new City Manager, Jennifer Hoffman, display her leadership style. Personally, as a long time advocate for Health & Safety, Broomfield may have finally gotten the City Manager we need. 

Here is the City video from the Meeting. The meeting begins at 5 minutes into the video. Because it is a two hour video, please give it a moment to buffer on your device.

Stop Fracking Our Future

Sunday afternoon, I got to participate in an amazing Peaceful Protest at the corner of Lowell Blvd. and Sheridan Parkway. I was joined by many familiar faces I’ve known for the last seven years. And many new faces of the next generation and those who are now aware of the dangers of fracking. Thank you again for everyone who spoke, everyone who planted, everyone who had the courage to come and be present. Thank you to the Elders who opened and closed the Ceremony. Thank you to Christiaan Van Woudenberg for speaking and for your continued support. And a special thank you to the Police who did not intervene and let us exercise our First Amendment Rights. 

Broomfield Days 2019

Broomfield Days main event is the Saturday Parade. My family has been participating in the parade going back to when my children were in Elementary School representing Aspen Creek. The exciting chance to march down Midway, representing our community, and being part of what it means to live in Broomfield. From high school marching bands to celebrating and honoring our veterans. Then after the parade is over, wandering through the myriad of booths and stages for food, information, exhibitions, and bands. A day for locals to show their flair, and for residents to learn a little more about their community. 

Crescent Grange September 2019

Broomfield Crescent Grange was honored to participate in the Broomfield History Tour, along with our friends at the Broomfield Depot Museum and Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum. Marci Heiser gave a fantastic presentation to the group, and Beau Juenemann serenaded them by guitar. Thanks to Marci, Karen, Tara, Beau, and Chris Cleary (photography).

Standing Strong Since 2013

I originally got started with Our Broomfield in 2013 when they needed pictures and help with their website. My wife AnnMarie had already been involved with Our Broomfield, and she was expressing frustration over how much money people wanted to charge for photography and web design. At the time, Our Broomfield was just a handful of concerned parents and citizens, without a budget, trying to educate all of Broomfield as to what fracking was, and trying to prevent it from entering Broomfield. I volunteered to take photographs and donate them. I asked for locations of wells, and then went out for the day to take pictures. I came back with pictures, a headache, and a spotting nosebleed. I was furious. I asked how I could help. And that’s the beginning of what brought me here. 

First Fracking Pictures 2013

Broomfield Days 2013

Protesting in 2014

Joe Neguse Service Town Hall

U.S. Congressman Joe Neguse, Rep. Matt Gray, and Councilwoman Guyleen Castriotta had a service town hall, where residents worked with our elected officials to help stock items for Broomfield FISH. The second half of the gathering was a brief update from the federal, state, and local governments, followed by a Q&A. 

Broomfield FISH is a vital community resource, providing food and financial assistance to Broomfield County residents in need. Services include a thriving food pantry, transportation assistance, rent and utility assistance, and other services. Serving approximately 6,000 people each year.

BrewHaHa 2019

Broomfield hosts several events throughout the year that benefit local charities, support the arts, featuring local breweries, food trucks, and bands. It’s a great chance to meet others and to visit different booths that highlight some of the best of Broomfield. This year marks the fourth annual BrewHaha, which takes place at Arista Park on Saturday June 8.

Governor Polis Bill Signing in Broomfield

On May 23rd Gov. Jared Polis signed several bills into law at the George Di Ciero City and County Building in Broomfield. Including House Bill 1309 to expand regulatory protections for residents across the state’s roughly 900 mobile home parks, a section of Colorado’s housing stock that communities have increasingly leaned on as a substitution for attainable and affordable housing. 

The room was filled with legislators and residents that have been working on the number of bills that were signed. It was quite the experience. It was a gathering of hope, accomplishment, and joy. As several of the topics dealt with issues from healthcare to human rights.