Mom’s Demand Action: Shannon Watts & Tom Sullivan

I started participating with Mom’s Demand Action in early 2014, after working with Laura Fronckiewicz on the “Our Broomfield” ballot initiative 300 for the moratorium on fracking in Broomfield, CO. My introduction to Mom’s Demand Action was to create Valentine’s cards, each with a mass shooting written on the card, that were to be used at our protest at the State Capitol. There were so many mass shootings that by the time we got to the State Capitol, we needed to create more cards and update the numbers on our posters. 

I first met Shannon Watts and Tom Sullivan in October of 2014 when there was a new Mom’s Demand Action office opening in the Denver Metro area. I met up with both of them again this year, after the publication of Shannon’s book “Fight Like A Mother”. Shannon was doing a speaking and book signing event at the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver. While she was speaking, Tom Sullivan had quietly joined the back of the room. This was the same day it was announced the recall effort against Tom Sullivan was going to be dropped. It was wonderful to meet them again, and share the story of our first meeting five years early, and how far everyone had come. I was able to get pictures of the event, and took a moment to get Shannon and Tom in a picture after she signed his copy of the book. 

Shannon Watt’s & Tom Sullivan 2019

Shannon Watts & Tom Sullivan 2014