We Know Better, Let’s Do Better

Often, when the city council has study sessions, they will kick out the very people who are specialists in the field of what the ‘study session’ is supposed to examine. I was at the session regarding bees. The council did not meet with the entomologists, and the kicked out the local bee keeper, when it came time to discuss factual research. 

That same logic has been applied to fracking, regarding the dismissal of scientists and peer reviewed data. Greg Stokes, when presented with peer reviewed data by a research scientist, being visually disgusted by the research opposing his personal feelings, called the research “junk science” and summarily dismissed the scientist. Let that sink in for a moment. 

When presented with a specialist in the field of study that the council session is examining, council dismissed the specialist. They dismissed the very specialists that could answer every question, Especially when the information the specialist had, could have informed the decision making process of the council. 

This has been an ongoing issue with the council. Especially when the data is in direct opposition to the council’s ‘belief’ or ‘feelings’ regarding the matter. 

Councilman Greg Stokes is great at bullying, but not when it comes time to standing for anything meaningful. We see it in meetings, his responses on social media, and even in his email responses. I sent Stokes a picture of a fracking well that blew up, (do a quick internet search for “fracking explosion”). One tank was 150 feet in the air.

He spent the next four emails fighting about the press calling it a fracking explosion. He expressed no concern for the people, or the dangers of fracking wells, but argued about the semantics. Council emails are catalogued. My email was sent April 19, 2015, feel free to look it up. It also has pictures of the explosion.

Eight years ago, fracking marketing people came in and people did not have enough knowledge to dispute the marketing lies. 

Now, Broomfield residents are armed with knowledge, data, facts, and studies (31 peer reviewed studies deciphred.org/studies/) Now we know the extent of damage fracking causes to the land, air, water, and people. 

Now, there are peer reviewed studies from NASA, NOAH, USGS. The list of damages from earthquakes to stillborn babies. We inevitably need to move to renewables. It’s no longer a question. It needs to happen in our lifetime. 

Where would the state be, if all the time, energy, and money, spent on preventing the inevitable move to renewables, had been channelled into creating renewables in the state? Colorado could be leading the nation in renewables and true energy independence. 

Maya Angelou used to say “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” 

We now know better. The council knows better. Now it’s time to do better. 

Christopher Cleary is a Broomfield resident

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