Cleary for Broomfield – The Clear Choice

Chris Cleary is the only progressive candidate for Broomfield City Council Ward 3. I relocated my family to Colorado in the summer of 2008. I have been fighting for health and safety since 2012. I have worked with multiple advocacy groups over the years. Contributed time, energy, photography, web work, and Studio space to groups that have created several ballot measures. I have repeatedly been outspoken in the community and to council members. I have worked with scientists that study Health & Safety in Colorado, and was part of a grant that worked with Dr. Lisa McKenzie.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety is my number one priority. Two years ago Broomfield residents approved City Charter Amendment 301. This year, the Colorado Congress passed SB19-181. I intend to fully enforce 301.

Attainable Housing

Broomfield needs Attainable Housing and a fully developed Housing Authority. Kids who grow up in Broomfield, Elders who want to age in place, teachers, police, city employees, the disabled, the Veterans, all of which deserve a place in Broomfield. Attainable Housing let’s Broomfield keep it’s Diversity, so we can remain Sustainable and Thrive.


Broomfield needs a records retention act. Currently executive session audio tapes can be destroyed after 90 days. We need to retain those records. So in the future, we can revisit the decisions that were made. We also need an Ombudsman – so when citizens have complaints or ethics issues with the City Council, they have the ability to air their grievance. And the Ombudsman has the power to investigate and give rulings.

Municipal Broadband

Municipal Broadband is high speed internet, treated like a Utility, subject to the Constitution, with Net Neutrality, and permanent Jobs & Residual Income for the City. Attracting Tech Startups, Innovation, and changes how we live for the better. It is already being done in Longmont and Fort Collins. Longmont is currently ranked as the fastest internet in America.