Transparency of Government

At the moment, much of the decision making process of Broomfield is made behind closed doors, over communication apps, and personal emails. We need a record retention policy. Right now, the digital data can be destroyed by the city attorney, who is a non-elected official. Members of the Broomfield Council routinely flout state requirements for transparency in their communications. We need to make sure all the data belongs to the public. All recordings, communications, amongst city officials and staff, are the property of the public. The records retention policy of Broomfield must reflect that philosophy. In Addition, there needs to be a citizen grievance measure – an Ombudsman – to bring a grievance to. Currently citizens can only voice to the Council, which is self-monitoring and self-accountable. An Ombudsman is a designate to handle ethics violations. Kind of like a civil law judge, who can investigate and rule judgements. This would be open to all Broomfield citizens, a form to provide credible concerns of ethics violations. Every Federal Agency has an Ombudsman, even the University of Colorado has an Ombudsman.

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