Health & Safety

Health and Safety is my number one priority. This is what pushed me into running for office. For years I’ve been on the civic side. I have assisted with advocacy, ballot measures, speaking, letters to the editor, emails to the City Council and the Mayor. I’m tired of having to fight City Council and the Mayor to defend the health of my family, the land I live on, the air I breath, and the water I drink.  Since 2013, my family has been fighting to keep industry out of our neighborhoods, schools, and parks. Certain members of council and the mayor are complicit in a calculated surrender to allow industry, without our permission, into where we live, where our children go to school, and where children play. This is no longer tolerable. This is no longer acceptable. This is no longer necessary. In the 21st century, with the technology we have available, it is no longer necessary to forfeit health and safety to accommodate industry. I moved to Broomfield for a lifestyle and a quality of life. A quality that did not include forcing industry into my back yard.

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