Patty SullivanPatty Sullivan

"I endorse Christopher Cleary for Broomfield as I have seen how devoted he and his family are to #healthandsafety first. I was at the protest last February or so when a company out of the UK put in an application to frack in Rocky Flats. At that time, there was no way to stop it. If Broomfield Council said no to any fracking, they could be sued by the State of Colorado. Now, SB 181 passed under the Polis administration, and the council will be able to decide more issues and there is expanded local control. Who we put on council now matters more than ever.  Christopher Cleary will put the needs of people ahead of the needs of fracking companies. Christopher also has ideas of making our government more transparent by disclosing financial ties when making a decision about a certain issue. He wants to work toward a more transparent government. In addition, he is interested in municipal Internet, which would benefit all like the libraries have. I have worked over the years to establish healthcare as a human right. I know Christopher shares that spirit that we all deserve high quality healthcare. I am proud to endorse Christopher Cleary for Broomfield City Council and urge you to join me in voting for Christopher."


"I support Chris for Ward 3’s Council Seat because his vision of Broomfield is a place where I can put down roots and grow within a community that offers abundant opportunities and new ideas for fostering the success of all Broomfield residents. Not only do I see this vision of Broomfield in Chris’ proposed policies, but I’m delighted to say that in knowing Chris I’ve seen him demonstrate time and time again that he’s got the drive, dedication to detail, and perseverance to make these policies happen. Residents would be incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated public servant working to represent the people of Ward 3."

Karen DikeKaren Dike

"Chris and I worked together on a group focusing on statewide fracking issues. Chris was a great member of this group. He always had good ideas, listened to others, followed through on all his commitments and did all this with a smile. He would bring these attributes to the council and work in a collegial manner to accomplish the business of the city."

Raffaele AielloRaffaele Aiello

"He is a family man who has good priorities, integrity, and honesty. And he loves my pizza!"

Nate TroupNate Troup

"You know often they say about people running for office that ‘they’re willing to ask the tough questions.’ That’s so wildly insufficient in describing Chris. With him, it’s more like 'he is wildly passionate about relentlessly asking the tough questions until they are actually addressed.’ He is going to be a breath of fresh air."

Jeannie MarkarianJeannie Markarian

"We have all seen politicians promise one thing, and then when they get into office they do another. I have known Chris Cleary since 2013, and he has never wavered on what he promises. Chris has high morals and has always fought for the people. I believe he will remain strong in representing what is best for the people of Broomfield."

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